Boston Academic Tutors: Premier One-to-One Tutoring
Why should you choose Boston Academic Tutors?
Personalized Instruction
Unlike the tutors at prep centers, we are not tied to a brand-name or hobbled by a preset teaching blueprint: Boston Academic Tutors custom design their teaching for every student. We work with popular texts and techniques that have been proven to offer successful methods, but have the freedom to supplement them with learning methods and materials customized to your needs. The bottom line is that we are devoted to your academic success, not the success of a brand.
One-to-One beats a classroom experience
Classroom courses have to be geared to the "average" student, whoever that might be! With our tutors, you won't waste time and energy going over stuff that is too easy - or too difficult - for you; you'll get attention to your particular areas of interest, strengths and weaknesses.
We come to your home, your school, or your workplace - wherever it works for you to study best! Can't make a lesson because of a soccer practice or your history teacher has sprung a sudden quiz on you in two days? We will work with you to reschedule your lesson whenever possible.
With many years' teaching and tutoring experience, our tutors have developed techniques that make lessons interesting and effective. For less than the price of tutoring at the highly-hyped study centers and test prep mills, students reap the benefits of that expertise and understanding, while their parents enjoy the confidence that comes from having teachers who truly care, keep them in the loop, and always go the extra mile for their students.
"Personalized Prep for Standardized Tests"

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