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Boston Academic Tutors: One-to-One Tutoring
Welcome to Boston Academic Tutors!
ISEE prep by Skype New York City UWS Boston Academic Tutors is a consortium of highly qualified, experienced academic and test prep tutors in the greater Boston area and New York City. Our tutors will come to your home, or any place convenient to you, and tutor you one-to-one in almost any school subject, academic skill or standardized test preparation. We also tutor students around the world via Skype.

We work with students of all ages - from grade school to adult - to improve skills and understanding in most academic subjects. Our tutors are also very experienced teaching test preparation for the SAT and other standardized tests, including the PSAT, PLAN, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, GRE, TOEFL and more.

Boston Academic Tutors pride themselves on helping all of their students reach their academic goals. Excellence in teaching, convenience, reliability and value are just some of the reasons you will be happy you studied with us.

  Boston Academic Tutors in New York City
NYC Boston Academic Tutors are pleased to announce the opening of their New York City satellite.

Karen Berlin Ishii is now making the UWS of New York her base, teaching students in-person in New York and via Skype and phone elsewhere. Please visit Karen's website, for information about tutoring in New York in academic subjects including reading, writing, history and social studies, math, grammar and study skills or for standardized tests: PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, SHSAT, GRE, SAT Subject Tests in Literature and History, TOEFL and and more.

Boston Academic Tutors math tutors are still teaching students in the Boston area, and Karen is still available for telephone and Skype-based tutoring, college application and essay editing, and other remote tutoring.

This year, we will be offering an SAT Boot Camp course in New York, taught by Karen and Elena. Give us a call for more info!
For more information about remote tutoring, or tutoring and classes in New York, please drop us a line at or give us a call: (617) 999-0497.
  Remote tutoring by phone or Skype!
International SAT prep Skype phone study online ACT GRE Q: What do students in Paris, Geneva, London, Kampala, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Albany and Miami have in common?

A: They all do their test prep with Boston Academic Tutors online via Skype!

Tutoring by telephone or Skype (Internet video chat) is a great option for busy students - and those who don't live in Boston or NYC - to take our lessons. Tutoring can be done entirely remotely or by the usual one-to-one in-person lessons supplemented by remote lessons.

Save time by taking lessons at your computer and get more bang for study buck with no minimum lesson requirement.
For more information about remote tutoring, please drop us a line at or give us a call: (617) 999-0497.
FREE Lecture: Demystifying the SAT

Boston Academic Tutors presents: "Demystifying the SAT", a free lecture presentation all about the college admissions testing process - including tips and techniques for the SAT.
  • What is the SAT?
• Should students take the SAT or the ACT?
• How important are these tests really for getting into college?
• How can students boost their scores on the SAT?

To learn the answers to all these questions and more, come to our free presentation for students and parents presented every autumn in Brookline.

Click here for more details and free registration.
  Study with a Friend
Boston Academic Tutors offers students the option to study in semi-private lessons of 1-3 students at reduced tuition.
twins studying together If you have a friend with whom you think you would study well, we would be happy to set up a trial lesson for you both at a substantial discount on the cost of private lessons.

Your tutor will make sure that your learning styles and study priorities are a good match for a joint course of study and will work with both of you to enable you to get the most out of your study with us.
For more information about semi-private tutoring, please drop us a line at or give us a call: (617) 999-0497.

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